Cancer research is the basis for all diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in cancer treatment. FICAN South aims to promote cancer research and research-based diagnostics and treatment, and to promote integrating research into treatment more closely than before.

University of Helsinki ensures that education utilizes cutting-edge methods and makes it simple for FICAN South to make good use of the results from scientific research. University of Helsinki’s research programs focused on cancer especially have a key role when developing and utilizing the newest methods and models, for example in molecular pathology, tumor genomics, and bioinformatics.

Improving cooperation between the professionals in research and clinical work is the most important target of development in FICAN South. To improve cooperation, FICAN South will finance translational research projects and cancer-related symposiums in the HUS region, among other measures. Further information for submitting funding applications and symposiums will be announced in more detail on this page and on the News page.

Kimmo Porkka | EHA 2018 | Precision medicine in AML

Published on 18 June 2018
23rd Congress of the European Hematology Association, 14-17 June 2018, Stockholm, Sweden