FICAN South comprises of HUS Helsinki University Hospital, Wellbeing services county of Päijät-Häme (PäijätHA), Wellbeing services county of Kymenlaakso (Kymenhva), Wellbeing services county of South Karelia (EKhva), and University of Helsinki, which is in charge of medical research and education.

We operate in Southern Finland as part of the National Cancer Center Finland (FICAN)

Regional cancer centers were launched in 2018 and they operate in university hospitals in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Kuopio, and Oulu. The regional cancer centers and the unit coordinating national activities together make up the National Cancer Center Finland FICAN, which aims to improve and streamline cancer treatment on a national level, and make sure that all patients have equal access to high quality care. FICAN South cooperates with other regional cancer centers. Together we create a new operating model to promote current and high quality cancer care and research in Finland.

To develop our activities, FICAN South has launched several cooperation projects

In our cooperation projects, the participants must be from at least two different FICAN South contracting parties (HUS, University of Helsinki, The Wellbeing services counties of Päijät-Häme, Kymenlaakso and South Karelia) whose tasks relate to cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation, cancer research and/or cancer-related education.

FICAN South has granted funding for clinical  projects for 2024

  • A Prospective Multicenter Trial Comparing Surgery Versus Active Surveillance In Patients With Bosniak 3 Renal Cystic Masses, A NoRenCa And FinnKidney Study
    Responsible person:  Adjunct professor Petrus Järvinen, HUS Operative and Internal Medicine Services in Local Hospitals
  • Cost-effective treatment of bladder cancer in the welfare areas of Southern Finland
    Responsible person: MD PhD, Specialist in Urology Riikka Järvinen, HUS Operative Services, Abdominal Center
  • Ensuring the implementation of treatment and self-care for cancer patients using oral cancer drugs -a smoother treatment path from the hospital through the pharmacy to home
    Responsible person: Senior Pharmacist Kirsi Kvarnström, HUS Pharmacy
  • PErsonalized TReatment for Endometrial Carcinoma
    Responsible person: Chief physician, Adjunct professor Mikko Loukovaara, HUS Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Molecular biomarkers for patients receiving targeted cancer treatments in theFINPROVE – trial
    Responsible person: Chief physician, Adjunct professor Katriina Peltola, Clinical Trial Unit, HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Assessing functional capacity and ECOG value of a cancer patient using the Evexia phone application
    Responsible person: MD, PhD Milla Katajisto, HUS Heart and Lung Center
  • Translational cancer research – opportunistic screening of cancer genes from biobank samples and utilization of information in prevention and individualized treatment
    Responsible person: Professor Minna Pöyhönen, HUS Diagnostic Center

FICAN South Call for Applications 2024

FICAN South received 30 clinical project applications and funding was applied for totaling 1 626 325 €

Funding was granted for cooperation projects involving actors from at least two FICAN South contracting parties (HUS, UH, Wellbeing services counties of Päijät-Häme, Kymenlaakso and South Carelia). The project evaluation was carried out by an external evaluation board. All applications were evaluated in four different categories (clinical level, collaboration, applicability( benefit to the patient), other funding for the group / applicant). Funding was granted to seven clinical projects totaling EUR 345 000 €.

Further information:
Director Mika Mustonen, FICAN South