We also work together with several organisations that develop cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation, and promote cancer research for the best interests of the patients. These organisations include Cancer Society of Finland and their regional organisations and nationwide patient organisations. In addition, we cooperate with trusts promoting cancer research, politicians, officials, research facilities, biobanks, and companies providing digital services, cancer treatments and diagnostics.

Useful links to other cooperators and cancer-related information

Cancer Society of Finland
The Cancer Society of Finland has 12 regional cancer associations and six national patient organisations.

The regional cancer associations of Southern Finland:

Cancer Society of Southern Finland (website in Finnish)
Cancer Society of Kymenlaakso (website in Finnish)
Cancer Society in Saimaa (website in Finnish)

National patient organisations:

Association of Cancer Patients in Finland
Finnish association for children and young people with cancer SYLVA (in Finnish)
Finnish Colorectal Cancer Association, Colores
Finnish Oral Cancer Association (in Finnish)
Finnish Prostate Cancer Association PROPO (in Finnish)
Finnish Breast Cancer Association – Europa Donna Finland (in Finnish)

A Collaboration between HUS & University of Helsinki

Cancer Foundation (website in Finnish)

Clinical Research Institute HUCH


EUPATI Finland

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

Finnish Cancer Institute

Health Village

Helsinki Biobank

iCAN Digital Precision Cancer Medicine competence cluster

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Pharma Industry Finland (PIF)