Speaker: prof. Toni Seppälä, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University and Tampere University Hospital

Topic: Molecular profiling and patient-derived cancer organoids – towards clinical applications

Time: 25.5.2023 at 15-16

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Abstract: Novel tools to aid decision-making in challenging clinical decisions are required, and precision medicine holds great promise in delivering improvements to progressing cancers. Applications to steer oncological management have been largely based on genomic targeting of the drugs, but only less than third of patients benefit from genomically targeted approach, and the success is highly context-depending.

Functional precision oncology models such as patient-derived organoid technology enable individualized cell culture and personalized testing for each tumor. Organoids may serve as a clinical tool to guide traditional primary tumor NGS interpretation, and facilitate in vitro response prediction to therapy. Data-intensive models for tumor microenvironment co-culture and combination pharmacotyping are needed.

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The seminar will be held online (Microsoft Teams) and is open to everyone interested in cancer research.

Organizer: FICAN Mid, Sisä-Suomen syöpäkeskus

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