Professor Mark Lawler from Queen’s University Belfast will give a talk Delivering cancer research with impact – Follow the science, follow the data on Feb 1st at 12-13 on Zoom.

Zoom meeting link

(Meeting ID: 648 0498 6682 Passcode: 366409)

Please note that contrary to advance information (due to the strike on 1.-2.2.24) the seminar takes place only online.

The seminar is organised by iCAN and Finnish Cancer Center FICAN.


Professor Mark Lawler, professor of Digital Health and Chair, Translational Cancer Genomics at Queen’s University Belfast is Scientific Director of DATA-CAN, the UK’s Health Data Research Hub for Cancer, and Associate Director of Health Data Research Wales-Northern Ireland, which is driving innovative precision medicine and public health approaches through the use of Big Data. He leads the Lancet Oncology Groundshot Commission and is Chair of the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership, an international collaborative that employs a data- driven approach to improve outcomes for cancer patients. Professor Lawler has published extensively on implementation of precision medicine as well as on genomic and translational aspects of especially colorectal cancer. Mark Lawler is also Associate Director of Postgraduate Studies at Queen’s.


Selected publications

1. Couespel N, Venegoni E, Lawler M The European Cancer Pulse: tracking inequalities in cancer control for citizen benefit Lancet Oncol 2023 May;24(5):441-442.

2. Henderson RH, French D, Stewart E, Smart D, Idica A, Redmond S, Eckstein M, Clark J, Sullivan R, Keeling P, Lawler M Delivering the precision oncology paradigm: reduced R&D costs and greater return on investment through a companion diagnostic informed precision oncology medicines approach J Pharm Policy Pract  2023 Jul 5;16(1):84.

3. Dunne PD, Alderdice M, O’Reilly PG, Roddy AC, McCorry AMB, Richman S, Maughan T, McDade SS, Johnston PG, Longley DP, Kay E, McArt DG, Lawler M Cancer-cell intrinsic gene expression signatures overcome intratumoural heterogeneity bias in colorectal cancer patient classification Nat Commun 2017 May 31:8:15657.