FICAN South Project Funding 2024

The Southern Finland Regional Cancer Center FICAN South is one of the five regional Cancer Centers of FICAN (the National Cancer Center Finland). The aim of the Cancer Centers is to develop cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation, as well as cancer research and education as integrated regional units.

We are opening a project call for the year 2024 and we will finance projects in line with FICAN South’s priority areas. FICAN South’s project funding is managed by HUS and the granted funding must be used by the end of 2024.

The applicant /applicants must be employed by the FICAN South contracting parties (HUS, University of Helsinki, The Wellbeing services counties of Päijät-Häme, Kymenlaakso and South Karelia) whose tasks relate to cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation, cancer research and/or cancer-related education.

The project funding available for 2024 is 345 000 EUR in total

Funding can be applied for smaller cooperation projects, ≥ 15 000 – ≤ 50 000 EUR / project, a total of 160 000 EUR. In addition, a total of 185 000 EUR of complementary additional funding is available for starting or already ongoing clinical research projects > 50 000 – ≤ 100 000 EUR / project. The official permits for the clinical research project must be in order.

The project must involve actors from at least two contracting parties of FICAN South (HUS, University of Helsinki, The Wellbeing services counties of Päijät-Häme, Kymenlaakso, South Karelia). Applications involving participants from the wellbeing services counties will be priorized. The wider national applicability of the project is considered an advantage for the application.

Priority areas for project funding in 2024:

  • enabling clinical/translational cancer research that closely benefits patients uniformly throughout the FICAN South region
  • to introduce new clinical and diagnostic methods enabling individual cancer treatment throughout the FICAN South area
  • to design and implement cancer treatment pathways and regional treatment chains
  • to support and develop treatment guidelines
  • to projects focusing on patient support and/or rehabilitation
  • to improve the quality, effectiveness, and patient safety of cancer treatments in the FICAN South area

Applications must be submitted on the Webropol form.  Link to the application form:

The project proposal must include the following free-form annexes:

  • Annex 1: Project plan (maximum length 1.5 pages,
    (font size 11, line spacing 1, word doc. or pdf.)
  • Annex 2: Project budget plan (word doc, pdf. or excel-file)

The Call for applications closes on Monday 15 January 2024 at 15:00

The Project applications will be evaluated by a separate independent working group.

The purpose of the Call is to support the development of the infrastructure of the Southern Regional Cancer Center and future activities as part of the network of the regional cancer centers and the National Cancer Center Finland.

The project funding is intended to encourage clinicians, researchers and healthcare professionals interested in clinical research and development projects to launch collaborative projects in the FICAN South area.

The evaluation of applications will focus on co-operation between the members of the FICAN South and the involvement of actors specially in the Helsinki University Hospital Specific Catchment Area in the projects.  The concrete benefits for the patient achieved by the project will be assessed. Applicants’ other significant funding will be assessed in the FICAN South funding decision.

Beneficiaries are required to report project costs on a quarterly basis to FICAN South. The granted project funding must be used by the end of 2024.

Further information: Mika Mustonen, director, FICAN South,